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     Christie Repasy's distinctly original and beautiful floral paintings hang on walls and create moods in countless homes throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. People who purchase her art often feel a bond with the artist who says, "I hope my art brings to someone a connection to myself and why I'm inspired to paint. People have said that when they hang a work of mine in their home, it brings a peace and a mood all its own." This is especially pleasing to Christie and is a main reason why the California artist has been painting since 1986. Knowing that people get that kind of feeling from her work validates her own inspirations and neatly ties in with her own ideas and her self-described love of flowers (especially roses) , and vintage things. "I have a strong desire to take something I see and create an image in my mind," and painting, her chosen medium, allows Christie to bring that image to life. According to Christie, when she visualizes the image the way she wants it she must seize the moment and take action. "When I get the creative urge, it's like adrenaline and I have to do it then or it will pass. I could write the idea down and come back to itů but it's best if I just do it. It's like taking an idea that sits in your emotions and making it come alive."

     Christie Repasy's talent has earned her an appearance on Rachel Ashwell's television show and two separate features in the prestigious Romantic Homes magazine.

Christie Repasy     She was born in Maywood, California and raised in Huntington Beach, in the heart of southern California. She recently moved to Fallbrook, Ca., a pretty, artistic town surrounded by beautiful wineries. She studied art in high school and college where her ideas and visions eventually led her away from the norm and to her own style of painting, which she feels "has a timeless quality to it and will always be in style." The artist describes her style as "traditional" and "timeless" and she herself prefers older art to modern art. Her style can also be described as unique. During her earlier studies she felt pressured to paint a certain way and believes that after moving in her own direction, she was set free. "I feel it was a stumbling block when I was somewhat pushed toward being an impressionist. I finally settled it within myself and stopped trying to be something I'm not. Not being so heavily influenced by other painters gave me the freedom to follow my creative instinct, and when I found my niche with the floral and roses, I also found that I could be who God created me to be. I have been given my own path to follow."

     And what of future plans for her artwork? "I'm going to take existing designs from already completed pieces and put them onto fabrics and wallpaper. It could go even further with other items such as pillows, needlepoint rugs, and the like. I have a whole collection already completed that can be used for branching out into other products." These plans tie into her own passion for decorating and she has called herself a "decorative artist". Another goal is to break out further internationally. Christie's work has already been sold in Europe and her painting style is deeply rooted in France, as is evident in her newest painting aptly named "French Romance".

     Christie's strong belief in Jesus, living a healthy lifestyle, and strong support from her family add to the fuel that fires Christie Repasy. Look for new and exciting projects from this talented artist.

Written by: Brian Starr

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